Thanking God for the Cross

This last week we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the relocation of the 51-foot cross from Skinner Butte to Miracle Hill atop the NHCC campus! It was an unforgettable evening with over 300 attending this epic event.

One man, Rod Riddle, from Leavitt’s Freight, drove the truck that transported the cross to the college property. “Things got so controversial that the day I transported the cross, I had an armed SWAT officer sitting next to me the whole way.” The bible says that the cross would be to some, an offense, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God.

Many in attendance were part of this amazing legacy, and today we are so grateful for each one of these individuals, donors, and businesses that made this possible. We raised over $20,000 to refurbish the Cross Plaza and already there has been much improvement. Johnny Kirshenmann (an alumnus) from Rexius came and supervised the newly blown beauty-bark, some new lights are going in, and everything cleaned and power-washed for a sparkling new look for the Cross Plaza… thanks to the many who attended the event!