Thankful for Your Generosity on Giving Tuesday

Each year, we depend on the Lord’s generosity through His people. This year’s project is to increase our recruiting efforts in earnest! After visiting in our campus and seeing our students, many people have often said that New Hope Christian College is the “best kept secret” around. They are constantly amazed at how beautiful the campus is and how cordial and respectful the students are.

Obviously, being the “best kept secret” is NOT our goal. It is actually the opposite. My goal is to raise $25,000 for raising the awareness of our great college and another $25,000 for scholarships that will go toward mission fit students who have a call to our college. We want to increase our college by 50% this year with students who have heard the call of God on their lives and are ready to follow. New Hope is a pure Bible College and each professor not only teaches a class, but each one lives what they teach. Their lives honor God and their knowledge and teaching skill is unmatched. Please be a part of this effort. You can give on-line by clicking here.