Market Ready Students

By Jeff Weinkauf: Tech & Production Concentration Chair

Recently, I took two of our NHCC seniors, Cooper Anderson and Logan Flaming, to work with LMG Concert Promotions. This was a great opportunity, because practical field experience is critical to graduating our Creative Arts majors “market ready”.

Cooper and Logan worked at two “festival” style shows, where multiple bands shared the same stage in all day events. These were extremely demanding work environments, where the guys worked behind the scenes for up to 18 hours per day. The pressure of a professional production quickly reveals a person’s character. Besides the physical demands, there are the unseen relational rigors that come from working with performers and production professionals.

Our students far exceeded everyone’s expectations. They represented the college, their instructors, and their faith exceptionally well. Even under stress, they kept a “can do” attitude the entire day. They were highly competent as skilled laborers, and as leaders and both earned turns taking charge of teams which they led successfully.

Logan’s efforts caught the attention of the David Crowder production team. At the end of the weekend, he was extended an offer to come out with them on their fall Northwest tour. This is a great professional contact for Logan, and it also speaks highly of the quality education he is receiving here at NHCC.